2019 Yard Waste Season starts 4/15/2019
We will once again be collecting yard waste weekly on April 15th, 2019.  Please remember to use either your yard waste cart for weekly subscription service or PAPER lawn bags.  We will not accept yard waste in plastic bags.

Yard Waste Service:
We offer subscription service that includes weekly use of a 90 gallon cart and up to 10 additional PAPER yard waste bags collected weekly.  Call our office for details.

You can also choose to pay as you go, by simply placing PAPER compostable bags at your curb on trash pickup day.  There is an extra charge of $3 per bag.  We cannot accept compost in plastic bags of any kind (even if they say compostable).

****Note: Yard waste bags should be loaded 40 pounds or less.  If you elect to use the paper compostable bags, we must manually lift these bags into our trucks.  Please do not overload the bags.  Bags exceeding the 40 pound limit will be left, and you must unload them into additional bags to make them less than 40 pounds each.