Christmas Reminder: We will be working on 12/26/2016 the day after Christmas.  There are no schedule changes for Christmas or New Years Day this year!
12/26/2016, the day after Christmas many people have this day off as the "Observed" Holiday.  We will be collecting trash and recycling on normal schedule after Christmas and New Years DayWe are working on Monday 12/26/16 and on Monday 1/2/2017.  There will be no schedule changes for Christmas or New Years Day as both fall on Sunday.

Welcome to Maroney's Sanitation Incorporated.

Your one stop for trash and recycling pickup and disposal.  We offer a wide range of services from home residential weekly service, to commercial and industrial waste hauling and disposal.  Maroney's offers convenient e-billing, emailed invoices, and automatic electronic payment.

We have updated our truck graphics, and had several trucks freshly painted.  We are working to get new paint on a couple trucks that are still rusty.  Minnesota winters are tough on our trucks.

Have your invoices email instead of mailed.  This saves time and natural resources.  Sign up for e-billing today.  Just click the email link and type "email my invoice" and we will set you up!

You are at the Maroney's Sanitation, Inc. of Minnesota, USA company web site.

Where does Maroney's bring my trash?  We bring all MSW (municipal solid waste) to the RRT plant in Newport, MN.