You've asked for it and we are responding!  Single-Sort Recycling is coming in August 2012 (Maybe sooner!)
Maroney's will begin the process of swithcing everyone to single-sort recycling in August.  With this method of recycling, you will be provided a single 64 gallon cart with wheels and a lid.  All recycling materials can be placed in the cart loose and mixed.  Stay tooned here for more information.  We will be posting pictures of the carts and details when you can expect to get your cart.  Please bear with us, delivering these carts will take time.  Our 2 sort trucks will continue to collect your recycling until we deliver your single-sort cart.

Recycling Information:


We use a 2-sort recycling collection system.  With this system, you simply keep your fibers/paper separate from cans, glass, and plastic.  So you can mix all your cans, glass, and plastics in one container.  You just need to keep your papers and cardboard separate.